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Whistlestop Arts have been commissioned by Horsham District Council – as part of the Welcome Back funding - to create, promote and manage a set of FREE outdoor mystery trail games in seven towns within the Horsham District. These immersive and exciting trails will have broad appeal and aim to connect people with place, commerce and community.

We are so excited for Mystery Trails to begin and whilst the ‘players’ are in each town, we want them to engage with the high street and surrounding area, stay for food and drink, browse the shops, explore the library, museum and discover the hidden gems of each town; Billingshurst, Henfield, Horsham, Pulborough, Southwater, Steyning and Storrington.

For the project to have a tangible impact that encourages visitors to explore what is on offer in each of the seven locations, we’re looking for local businesses to get involved and embrace the Mystery Trails.


Levels of Support

Businesses can be involved by engaging with any or all of the following:


  • Be a collection point for visitors to pick up their Mystery Trail documents and completion sticker

  • Display a poster, QR code or Trail artefact

  • If you are an eatery, offer a themed menu item, such as Answare’s Dish of the Day or The Curators’ Curious Tincture

  • Display related merchandise such as local history texts, mystery adventure books or toys that link with Answare’s stories

  • Offer a prize for the Mystery Trail competitions throughout the year.

Benefits to Business

We believe that by engaging local businesses will not only increase footfall and average spend but also create a localised sense of ownership and pride for the Mystery Trails participation.

We will add a link to participating businesses websites on our Mystery Trail webpages and highlight business involvement in our marketing campaign.

Meet Answare

Our story’s protagonist, Answare, is the President of the Curators Alliance. She and the Curators are busy protecting the ingredients that bring happiness to our communities. However, their nemesis, the Grey Shadow,
is on their trail in a bid to spread misery across the land. 


Answare is recruiting ‘Secret Seekers’ to join the quest and solve clues and puzzles to keep the Grey Shadow at bay.

Contact us

We will be launching Horsham District Mystery Trails at the end of March 2022 and they will run for at least 12 months. We are keen to secure our business supporters as soon as possible, in order to create the bespoke trail and design the marketing campaign with you mind.

We’d love you to take part in Horsham District Mystery Trails and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the project with you further. Please contact us on the form below to arrange a convenient time to speak.

We would love to work with you -
please fill in the form and we will be in touch
What town are you from?

Thanks for registering your interest - we will be in touch soon.

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