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Explore Horsham Museum

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In this episode we visit Horsham Museum and talk to curator and museum manager Jeremy Knight. 

Join us on our audio tour as we discover the many varied items on display within the 600 year old building and talk to Jeremy about it's long and interesting history. We also ask him all about his new book 'Causeway House: A Biography of a Horsham landmark' which celebrates the building and tells the story of its many inhabitants and how it came to be the museum we are familiar with today. 

You can listen below by clicking the play button or click 'Download Single' button to download the MP3 track to listen to it offline. 

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Craft Activity

This episode's craft activity is inspired by the many curiosities that we discovered on our visit - a Memory Box. It is perfect for holding all your precious keepsakes in!


Download the How-To Guide HERE which gives you simple step by step instructions of how to make the craft.

You can also watch the How-to Video here >>>

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