Secret Seekers

Head to Pulborough Library, collect your trail and look in the window to see Covey's boat. This is where your quest begins - determine what conspiracy is at hand and help solve the mystery before the Grey Shadow finds the answer.

Check out the Pulborough Mystery Trail Map >>>

Download now or *pick up a copy from the library*

*If the library is closed, check the notice in the window of the Curator’s workspace for an alternative collection point

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Known as the Birdman, you’ll find Covey Efron in a hide or shimmying up a tree to chat with his feathered friends. However, today he is out in his trusty boat gathering intel along the river Arun; what news

has he gathered?


These are the collective nouns for birds...

A mischief of magpies

A wisdom of owls

A drift of swans


Covey Efron

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