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Answare's Letters

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Puzzle answers are at the bottom.

Hello, Secret Seeker,

As President of the Curators' Alliance, I thank you for signing up to solve the puzzles and clues as you venture across Horsham District.


I meet with the Curators regularly, and each of them is thrilled that you are following their clues and solving the puzzles as part of the Cabinet of Cures quest.


As you will have read, people have complained of a mass melancholy affecting mood and enjoyment. You should know that this is the Grey Shadow, our nemesis, at work, keen to drain the colour from our landscape and infuse jaded misery on the good folk of this beautiful land.

The Curators' Alliance is entrusted to protect the special seeds that are an antidote to misery. When combined, the seeds create a formula known as ASHENPIPS. The Grey Shadow is keen to destroy the formula!

As you solve the clues, you will be getting one step closer to discovering the name of the seeds that can be secured inside the Cabinet of Cures.

In upcoming newsletters, you will be given more puzzles to solve and learn about the Curators' Alliance and its members.



Agent Meadows Card.png

You might have already heard the voice of Agent Meadows if you called her number. She has been with the Alliance for many years and looks after all the essential paperwork. She is a calming presence in difficult times, and the Curators appreciate her getting in touch, especially when the Grey Shadow is in the area.

Until next time, Secret Seekers, good luck on your quest.


Hello, Secret Seeker,


It has been a busy time at The Curators' Alliance, but with your help, we are keeping the Grey Shadow at bay. I hope you enjoy being part of the team and solving the clues as you visit the different towns across Horsham District.


I recently caught up with Bently Birch, the Apothecarist in Billingshurst. He told me that lots of you have been seen hunting for the clues and helping secure the seed in the Cabinet of Cures.


Bentley has been developing a new tincture for our friend, the Botanist William Borrer in Henfield. He's been having trouble working out the quantities and wondered if you could help him.


Which Jar do you think is going to fill up first? Look closely; it's trickier than you think!


Until next time, Secret Seekers, good luck on your quest.

The Apothecarist.png


Tree stamp
Woodland Gatekeeper.png

A puzzle for you!
Can you see which mushroom will have a visitor?


Royd Ellwood
Woodland Gatekeeper, Treehouse Mews, South Downs Way, Storrington 


Dear Answare,

It's been a busy time in the woods as the seasons change from summer to autumn. The sun, when it shines, is still magical, casting patterns through the branches. The leaves are beginning to alter from greens to yellow, orange and red. There is also a nip in the air, especially in the early morning; I have to wear an extra layer. Thankfully, the jumper you gave me for my last birthday is very cosy.

I've been logging the daily mycelium readings directly into the wood wide web for safety whilst the logbook stays hidden from the Grey Shadow.

I'm glad we have the Secret Seekers; they are doing a splendid job at solving the clues; all ages have been passing through Storrington; it's great to see. The more of them that follow the Mystery Trails, the fuller the Cabinet of Cures will be of seeds, helping to keep the Grey Shadow at bay.

The town saw many adventurers during the summer as they looked for the hidden keys to the Cabinet of Cures. By September, they had all been found, thank goodness. What wonderful folk we have to help the Curators' Alliance. They certainly seem to enjoy exploring Storrington; who wouldn't? There is much to see; the library, museum, shops and the beautiful South Downs. How lucky I am to live here.

As well as sending you this quick 'hello' my main reason for writing is to invite you to the wonderful Sullington Manor Farm. They have an art exhibition from the 14th - 23rd of October 2022, and I thought we might go together with some of the other Curators. Covey has already said he'd be coming from Pulborough; I know he'll want to get there early for a slice of Anna's delicious cake in their adjoining cafe.

I hope that you can join us.

Ta-ta for now,


PS There is a lovely circular walk that takes you along Storrington high street and up past my treehouse, to Sullington Manor Farm; perhaps we follow the route if the weather is fair?



Hello, Secret Seeker,


Here at The Curators' Alliance, we love to hear about how you are getting on with the Mystery Trails and recently saw lots of you at Pulborough Harvest Fair.


We have teamed up with some of the wonderful businesses in Horsham District and put together a ' voucher hamper' worth £100.


If you have completed one or more of the trails fill in our quick online survey, and you could win!

The closing date for this first 'voucher hamper' prize draw is 8 December 2022.

Visit the PRIZE page for more details and links to the survey.



Two of our Recruitment team  will be at Horsham Film Festival at the Everyman in Piries Place on Friday 2 December 2022 from 3.30pm - 6.30pm. Have a go at our free Unlock the Box game and see how quickly you can open it!

Until next time, Secret Seekers, good luck on your quest.

LEtters 1.png


A Challenge from Adwin Inkwell
Adwin, the Writer of Horsham, sent me a puzzle this week. How many words can you make out of the letters in the grid? I came up with 19, see if you can beat me!

The Writer.png


Hello, Secret Seeker,


I have just returned from the Curators' Alliance Festive party, and what a lovely time was had by all. We shared our presents, which we had either made or bought locally from the many shops and markets across Horsham District. All seven Curators brought along delicious food to share, and we enjoyed our feast as we chatted about the past year. 

William Borrer, the Botanist of Henfield, said that he has been inspired seeing so many of you following the Mystery Trail in his town and was thrilled to see Mollie and her mum following the clues whilst chatting away to each other. Seeing people having fun is essential and helps keep the Grey Shadow at Bay.

Gresilda Tack, the Seamstress of Steyning, was keen to tell us about a new resident moving into the town and hopes that Jan settles into her new home and enjoys the many splendid delights locally.  

We also heard a festive joke from Bentley Birch, the Apothecarist of Billingshurst, that had been told to him by Leo, a young Secret Seeker; 

What's the most festive herb?

Christmas thyme!

And on that note, I wish you happy tidings from us all at the Curators' Alliance. 


P.S. Look out for the Big Sow & Grow quest starting 3 January                   2023.



The Botanist.png

A puzzle for you

Tree stamp




Dear Answare,


Breathe in, smell the leaves and the bark on their trees, for this is the scent of nature, an essence so powerful it changes our mood, lifts our spirits, and can turn the corner of our mouths towards the sky.


Something else that makes me smile is the Mystery Trail Secret Seekers getting involved in the Big Sow & Grow side quest that started this month. I was pottering by the pond when I overheard two children working out the riddle. I was tempted to offer a clue but no need; they had solved it and were off to the library to collect their flower seeds as a prize. I’m looking forward to seeing an abundance of pollinators visiting once the seeds grow into scented flowers and wild grasses this summer.


When I was shopping in Henfield High Street, I bumped into the lovely Hazel; she had entered our Prize Draw before Christmas and won £100 worth of vouchers. She was thrilled and was looking forward to completing her seventh Mystery Trail soon. She reminded me that there was another FREE Prize Draw opening on the 6th of February, so for everyone who didn’t enter last time, click here from the 6th for a chance to be in with winning new prizes.


Until next time, I bid you farewell,



Hello Secret Seekers,


This week, there has been a flurry of activity as the team has returned to the Curators’ Alliance HQ.  


Due to so many of you signing up and becoming members of the Alliance, we now have a fabulous membership across Horsham District. We know that we can rely on you to look out for the Grey Shadow and reduce any negative impact by caring for the birds, animals and plant life and displaying kindness and patience to friends and foe.


If you are new to the Mystery Trails or know someone who hasn’t discovered them yet, we still need your help! You will find everything you need to get started HERE.


If you have already completed all seven trails, why not use your answers to solve the final clue again by looking at the curators' workspaces that are now online? We hope you have fun.


Enjoy this puzzle created by Gresilda Tack,
the Seamstress of Steyning.

The Seamstress.png

Which squares complete the

button picture? 


The Birdman.png

Which bird is Graham?




Hello Answare,

We've been experiencing some blustery weather in Pulborough lately, and the water on the Brooks is shimmering. During this time, I received a few messages from our Secret Seekers, informing me that they'd spotted an interesting bird in the vicinity.


Combining each of the descriptions they provided, I gathered that the bird has blue feathers, a head plumage, three blue tail feathers, and some red on its wings. Today, I waited patiently in my hide, eating all my peanut butter sandwiches and drinking a flask of tea, until I finally spotted him through my binoculars!


I called out, and he came to sit with me, seeking shelter from the rain. The bird's name is Graham, and he was on his way to visit friends when the storm hit, so he has been taking refuge in Pulborough until he can fly safely to Henfield.


I advised Graham to visit the Botanist while he's there, as William always has some delicious birdy treats in his garden!


I hope you are keeping warm and dry. Looking forward to seeing you soon,



Letter #2 - Jar E

Letter #3 - C

Letter #6 -  12

Letter #7 - C & E

Letter #8 - A

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