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Answare's Letters

Hello, Secret Seeker,

As President of the Curators' Alliance, I thank you for signing up to solve the puzzles and clues as you venture across Horsham District.


I meet with the Curators regularly, and each of them is thrilled that you are following their clues and solving the puzzles as part of the Cabinet of Cures quest.


As you will have read, people have complained of a mass melancholy affecting mood and enjoyment. You should know that this is the Grey Shadow, our nemesis, at work, keen to drain the colour from our landscape and infuse jaded misery on the good folk of this beautiful land.

The Curators' Alliance is entrusted to protect the special seeds that are an antidote to misery. When combined, the seeds create a formula known as ASHENPIPS. The Grey Shadow is keen to destroy the formula!

As you solve the clues, you will be getting one step closer to discovering the name of the seeds that can be secured inside the Cabinet of Cures.

In upcoming newsletters, you will be given more puzzles to solve and learn about the Curators' Alliance and its members.



Agent Meadows Card.png

You might have already heard the voice of Agent Meadows if you called her number. She has been with the Alliance for many years and looks after all the essential paperwork. She is a calming presence in difficult times, and the Curators appreciate her getting in touch, especially when the Grey Shadow is in the area.

Until next time, Secret Seekers, good luck on your quest.


Hello, Secret Seeker,


It has been a busy time at The Curators' Alliance, but with your help, we are keeping the Grey Shadow at bay. I hope you enjoy being part of the team and solving the clues as you visit the different towns across Horsham District.


I recently caught up with Bently Birch, the Apothecarist in Billingshurst. He told me that lots of you have been seen hunting for the clues and helping secure the seed in the Cabinet of Cures.


Bentley has been developing a new tincture for our friend, the Botanist William Borrer in Henfield. He's been having trouble working out the quantities and wondered if you could help him.


Which Jar do you think is going to fill up first? Look closely; it's trickier than you think!


Until next time, Secret Seekers, good luck on your quest.

The Apothecarist.png


Letter #2 - Jar E