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It has come to light that people in Horsham District's towns and villages have complained of a mass melancholy affecting mood and enjoyment. This is the Grey Shadow, our nemesis, at work, keen to drain the colour from our landscape and infuse jaded misery on the good folk of this beautiful land.

​The Curators’ Alliance is entrusted to protect the special seeds that are an antidote to misery. When combined, the seeds create a formula known as ASHENPIPS. The Grey Shadow is keen to destroy the formula!

​Join us, Secret Seekers, and help bring back the seeds so that they can be secured inside the Cabinet of Cures and, in doing so, protect the happiness of future generations.

Click on the town name to see the trail and download the trail map.

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  • Download each Mystery Trail by clicking on the place names on the map

  • Visit and explore the town, solving the puzzles in any order – Each trail takes an average of two and a half hours

  • Need an extra clue? Hints are by the space for your answers or visit the HELP page

  • Once you have all your answers, click on the relevant town page and use them to find the letters and numbers within the curator’s workspace image

  • Uncover the Curator’s telephone NUMBER and type it into the password section to listen to their message 

  • Discover the letters that spell the FLOWER name; type it in the password section, to see your certificate for each completed trail

  • Once you have completed all seven trails, you can unlock the final chapter of Answare and the Curators' Alliance Cabinet of Cures story.


  • Type all your letters in lower case, with no spaces.

Answare Gladwish

President of the Curators' Alliance

Post Card


share photos of your adventures


Whistlestop Arts have created seven FREE outdoor mystery trail games across Horsham District. These immersive and exciting trails have broad appeal; play as a family, with friends, or use them as a team-building exercise.


We need YOU!
You will love our Mystery Trails if you like outdoor adventures, solving puzzles, or doing escape rooms. Join Answare, President of the Curators' Alliance, to help solve the district mystery on one or more of our seven interactive town trails.

What are the MYSTERY TRAILS?
Watch our video below...

Horsham District Mystery Trails are designed for families (8+), young people and adults.

Stay for food and drink, browse the shops, explore the library, local heritage and discover the hidden gems of each town.

Click the logo to join the Curators’ Alliance.

You'll receive newsletters from Answare, bonus information and prize draw details

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Click Agent Meadows' photo if you need a little more help!

Agent Meadows will share the answers to all seven towns.

The ERDF's Welcome Back Fund supports Horsham District Mystery Trails enabling our communities to enjoy their high street businesses, surrounding areas and time spent together.

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