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Whistlestop Talks...

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From the comfort of your own home, tune in as we take you on an audio tour of the Sussex countryside. 


We'll explore the countryside and places of cultural interest, hearing from a range of interesting guests along the way. Each episode will be accompanied by a craft activity relating to the places we visit.


You can listen online or on a USB stick (using a Sonic 2 device or similar). If you do not have access to either, contact us and we will help you find alternative ways to take part. 

Listen to us explain more about what Whistlestop Talks is all about by clicking on the play button below. (Audio approx. 12 minutes long.)

Please contact us to register your interest - we would love to hear from you!

Whistlestop Talks is supported by Horsham District Council and the Sussex Community Foundation. Their funding has enabled us to create the series and deliver all of the resources, that accompany each episode, directly to 15 individuals who have been impacted by the ongoing effects of Covid-19.

What is Whistlestop talks?
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Horsham Museum.png
Horsham Museum

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Woods Mill 2.png
Woods Mill Nature Reserve

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Woods Mill Nature Reserve

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Rudgwick Church.png
Rudgwick Heritage Trail

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Deer  Park

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Shere at Christmas

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Summer at the Beach

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Episode list

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