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 ***National Children’s Gardening Week***
25 May – 2 June 2024

Head to their website for lots of fun activities. Click HERE!


Whistlestop Arts have been discovering more about Bourne Hall in Ewell...


Come along for the journey…


Head Gardener James Child has tasked his apprentice, Willow Copse, to find the wind-blown plant seeds in Bourne Hall Park.

Help Willow complete this task - Explore the grounds to find the scattered seedpod puzzles.

Collect your FREE activity sheet from Bourne Hall Information Desk or download the activity sheet HERE >>>

Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell, Epsom, KT17 1UF

More information HERE
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The Secret Code:

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It's a Gardeners World

Horticulture is the wonderful world of growing yummy fruits, delicious veggies, beautiful flowers, and lovely plants.


Many jobs let you work outside in nature -  Let's learn about who does what…


James Child (1838–1924) Head Gardener

James Child was the Head Gardener at Bourne Hall Park for over ten years, starting in 1875. He was very good at growing many different plants with the owner's help, Elizabeth Torr. They grew so many plants that won prizes! Some of those plants came from seeds you might have helped Willow find during the Seed Hunters trail. 

Find out more at Bourne Hall Museum

Wild Flowers

Willow Copse

Gardening Apprentice

Willow is a key character in our Seed Hunters story. They love plants and have been helping their grandma grow strawberries, blackberries, peas, and carrots at the allotment since they were very little. Now that Willow has grown up, they are learning even more by working as an apprentice. They learn about all sorts of seeds and plants when they go to college and when working in

Bourne Hall Park.


Agnes Arber (1879-1960) Botanist 

Agnes was a British botanist - Botany is the science of studying plants and how they live. Botanists are people who study plants. 
Agnes looked at how plants were built, how they grew, and how they changed over time. Her work helped us learn more about flowers, and how different kinds of plants are related to each other.

Beatrix Potter.png

Beatrix Potter (1866 – 1943) Writer, Illustrator and Scientist

Beatrix Potter, the author and illustrator of the famous 'Peter Rabbit' stories, was also a scientist. She loved studying and experimenting with fungi, which are tiny living things that grow in the ground. Mushrooms are one type of fungi, and Beatrix thought they were really interesting. She even used a special tool called a microscope to draw detailed

pictures of them. 


Juliet Sargeant

Garden Designer

Juliet loves to design gardens that are good for our health and happiness and won a gold award from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) at the Chelsea Flower Show for making The Modern Slavery Garden. Juliet is now an RHS show garden judge, and you’ll often see her on television gardening programmes sharing her top tips on how to make gardens that make us feel good.


Monty Don

Writer, Gardener and Broadcaster

You may have seen Monty on the TV programme Gardeners World. He loves to garden and believes in the importance of working together to care for the earth. He supports schools, families, and projects that help people learn about and love the land. Monty has written many books about gardening that give tips on how to grow and care for plants.

Want to learn more? Head over to the RHS website to see what other jobs you can do. Click HERE!

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