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Secret Seekers

Head to Storrington Library, collect your trail and look in the window to view the mycelium network. This is where your quest begins - follow and solve the clues that lead to the Woodland Gatekeeper and the logbook, bring back the secrets safely. 

Check out the Storrington Mystery Trail Map >>>

Download now or *pick up a copy from the library*

*If the library is closed, please visit the alternative collection point - Price Watch Local, Old Mill Drive..

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If you stand close to the trees, you may hear the ‘whispering web’ beneath your feet. This underground city has sent news to Royd Ellwood, the Woodland Gatekeeper, who has fled to hide the Mycelium Logbook and left you clues to solve.


The length of the mycorrhizal hyphae in the top 10cm of soil is estimated to be half the width of our galaxy.. 


Royd Ellwood

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The rectangle clue has changed! The answer is 12!

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