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Peter the Steam Engine

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Explore Amberley Museum in West Sussex with the Whistlestop Arts team, Annalees and Luna. Meet Peter, a stunning steam engine, and creative guests who inspire our craft activity.

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Aerial view of Amberley Museum

Listen to the

AUDIO version with

Luna and Annalees.


Stream now or click download to save

it for later.

Pottery Demo.png
Bird Bullet.png

Annalees & Luna learn to decorate a tile

Additional sounds and footage from Pixabay

Annalees & Luna play dress up

Luna does some printing

Welcome to Amberley Museum

Enjoy watching the different films and hearing from our Amberley Museum guests.


Make sure to take a break and try out our Sgraffito Tile craft activity inspired by our time with Nancy in the Pottery.


Why not invite friends and family to the museum by sharing our Postcard Invitation or simply send them a telegram inspired note telling them about your Virtual Day Trip adventure.


For a quick and tasty treat, try our recipe for delicious jam and coconut cake - perfect with a cup of tea or coffee!

Click HERE to download our  Sgraffito Tile craft activity

Hot Air Balloon.png

Click HERE to download a delicious

Jam and Coconut Cake recipe

Hot Air Balloon.png

Click HERE to download our Museum  Postcard.

Hot Air Balloon.png

Click HERE to download our Steam Train  Pop-Up card.

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Stuart CLOSE UP.png


with Stuart

Nancy CLOSE UP.png


with Nancy


with David


Project created in collaboration

with Age UK WSBH

Arthur and Doreen Green 1955

Funded by the Arthur and Doreen Green Fund at Sussex Community Foundation

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